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The hammered nails
on the top floor,
in rapid songs
clouding my frequencies.

You seem so far away;
Just a minute before,
I was that speaker
on your ears.

Is it my new constructed —
uttering its
hardened pain?

I listen for ten minutes
Ten missed calls.

I am sorry!
Currently, I am busy with

I will call back
once, I am done;

only once.



Artwork: ‘The Silence Within’
Artist: Adrita Biswas

Holding the lip
and stretching it from him
to her lip,

She says,
‘I am lost in the lawn —
and I see a single rose’

The lips touch hers —
and she realises, she sees two.

She says,
‘Don’t baffle me with memories,
rather make me live them’

Memories trickle down her navel
making her realise —
the shrinkage.

She says,
‘If that’s your way to help,
then why not rain to erase!’

She closes the album —

watching pots of wet roses
decorating her balcony.

She says smiling,
‘Once they were all jealous
of mine’.



His trunk shivered
and the wise snatched
away the mangoes,

He did forget the fact
of being a mere summer.

Then the fronds,
once positive, followed

The reason behind:
His summer turned
experimental autumn.

Did he realise his bare winter?
How could he?

He still had helping hands
some call withered boughs.

All the more reason
to be optimistic.

They stayed in his adamancy
for a Spring.

The illusion soon flowed
in the monsoon.