Fragile Table

Art © Miranda Meeks

Cumulative performances projecting age old fallacies
Frantic inebriations cleanse throat of tortures.

Social puns facilitated with bullet proofs of fun
Heads bounced into baskets with scorecards to roll

Perfect fangs grinning casual honesty through a feline
Million men await the whisper of a whisker

Strangulation of petals preceding its own equalities
Muscles of plucking unite more, hanging a baby finger

A suicidal agreement beneath twenty thousand leagues
Where shark tails narrate dead tales, pass by like a slap

Convergence recalling colors, gulping variant medicine pills
Perforated bellies profit more than freshly marketed ones

Abduction of faces, abortion of traces, only for war between pockets
Cries of a young blood, give him two pushes of ideology

Conversions of bleeding dawns to dry days narrate the forgottence by fire
By fire, all one sees is ash, by fire one is ash, fire is hideous

The famous treasure of man, way beyond the world of flesh
A chest with stacks of machine guns, placed on a fragile table.


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