Unknown Interval

Think of the perfect
interval for death.
Be it morning, noon,
evening or night.

Each of these proves
an effective dominance
within a limited tenure.

Each of these wants to stay
escaping from a day
as death is harder to accept
after a change.

Death occurs, when
you allow the passing
and also when
you stop the moment.

Death by stagnancy –
an option to stop overlooking
everything superficially,

like stopping a football
to be seen and picked by a few eyes
to feel the real slipping
beneath one’s feet

without caring much
about the rotating earth.

Man has run/still runs/will run,
seeking the one, easier
Easy, being the tendency to hold and soak some
so that, there’s letting go of none

Bottle in quarters
Face in quarters
Heart in quarters

Life in quarters.


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