Source – Pinterest

Bones wearing well knitted covers 

Still torn like a cloth

Proud monopoly of cocoon, 

Its disbelief in widely established fallacies

Usage of scissors with safe profits

Self production authorising self repairs

Fine patchworks judged on their source

Scalpel marks kissed, knife marks liquefied

Ill fated, unseen, real designs of numbness

Finding ancestors in social-sociable textiles

Factory outlets unlike nursing retailers

Displaying, assuring, fantastic disappearances

The immense hiding amidst collateral colors

Supreme acceptances by mankind 

in veils of a natural embroidery, of a young rupture

Modern cottons making a steep fall

Or saving themselves by following paths

Putting on a new damage on an old

Incomplete tailors tailoring the tailored

Singularity failures, singlular – a clown or an uniform trend 

Multi-layered fabric for the camouflaged & skeletal

Death from hand is a handloom, death from death is readymade

Threads and fibres, often mixed with/in a fabric paint.


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