The Falling 

I am falling again and my blocking the darkness in the mouth itself.

What more chaos will make them chaotic?

I don’t add further, no one will see.

I don’t spit as I don’t defame rains.

He claims he will extract my entire head, she claims the claim is good.

They don’t complain if he should.

Then they find my skin is a better model,

Bones on soft powder is the finest fall

He insists on taking my flesh for a ride, my hideous penis too strong and flashing to hide, she nods.

And I block the dark with it, I plunge into the dark with it.

How bold of her to wish from it nothing.

How bolder of her to wish from it everything

and so I fall and continue to fall in a night not naked for me but for all.

I block me in my mouth and so I don’t stay. I appear.

They extract my everything and still its a mutual honesty.

Honest killings mutually rise

He claims he has me. She claims her claim to know

and one who has anything can be hidden as everything or found in it.

What more darker would it be, to witness a bright ejaculation of loss.

Love is a mating of loss. Universes are created at costs.


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