The Blue Paper

I have blown out unique glitters,
some new messages
on a blue paper
and folded it for the time being
so that you continue
meeting me
at each unfolding

and the characters around you
when released, though are strangers,
start greeting those strangers around you,
opening up further, making the new air dust
of unknown miles stick itself,
the different ink colors bloat themselves
engulfing all that a paper can take and soak.

I have given some sweet messages
which may be read as destructions
which are as spontaneous as Love
and drawn a few diagrams understood in diversities

and it opens up the most
when it folds

A world will rest on your chest after a while, reluctant to leave
and I can see you have been greeted quite well
by my blue paper.

I will call this ‘selfish love’
but I won’t frown;

I cannot.


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