What are hands but DSLRs
making each and every touch, a snap,
as I take a couple more with my eyes
I have girlfriends; they don’t leave; they don’t catfight
rather hold each other as memories.

The night is long
I take a few thorns
from those droopy eyes, and scatter them into a jungle
replacing them with a Sun
‘It has been long, since they went for a bath’ the friend says.

I answer ‘I have them’

and reel back a few girlfriends on the digital screen
See, they look so sexy
‘I keep coming here because of them,
and not for them’

They are wild in me and so I am wild.

‘Stop talking to the water.
The hair that you just combed are now the golden grasses
It will not be long, before I appear as a wing.
Stop freezing me in snaps,
Stop calling me a girlfriend
Don’t limit me, rather join me’

I still have a few deaths before I can join
I am all but human
and believe me, when I do
I will always leave behind a lover
To freeze us.

For who knows,
he might not be limiting you

but exhibiting
an enlarged bird.


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