The ‘Whole’ Friend

Friendship in one remains unbroken
before and after he has made friends.

Now I help myself to counter again
what I had once seen but not seen,

felt but not felt.

I have always been a witness of me
attempting to murder, eat up five close friends;

They have revenged in their own ways:
Silence made it hard to breathe,
jealousy did burn,
betrayal always made it impossible to stand,
dream has narrowed itself down to a house roof,
subtlety has been drowning me
since I was formed before being born.

Murders reveal truths.
They have revealed; have been revealing mine as well
Now I am a murdered individual helplessly honest.

I will utter all that’s anti-life; only that’s anti-life.
I will now speak only of my friendship with death.
I have seen more of it
I have seen life lose the gravity of its name,
being pronounced a thousand times because of death.

This friendship believes in snatching you
without your will.
You fear its silent bullying
but you kind of begin having a liking
once it’s realised, it will stay.

One tends to forget or be forgotten by lives
and the most loved life keeps you alive,

only till its own life.


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