The Viper

Pic Courtesy:

Faltered egos resting in peace.

Let the arm rise and unleash a caressing love

for the one I miss.

A once submissive wheel now leaving the concrete, indicating, 

this faked union of nothingness can’t be any longer

dancing in its friction, a dance to delete

the long struggle of solitude

with the one I miss.

Those doors are found locked

and I am in a shock

My visions suffer a known blockage.

The ‘answers’ are yet to be an answer.

Perhaps, an hallucination for the hallucinated.

There still resides the one I miss.

A call and everything’s new

Of such strange happenings, I dream

I am already dead from a few battles, 

there are still a few left.

My hopes being ice-stirred, Vodka-diluted, 

gleaming like flickering chandeliers.

I gather with efforts, those faded gems;

the thoughts of the one I miss.

I find, I smile.

Lost memories return.

They stay for a while as all flashes do

Cacophony & euphony get clashed.

Sheets of words flying from a torn file

One of them gets acknowledged at last,

for a poem.

Who and for whom will it be?

Take your time.

Hint: I am not the first

I am rarely the last.


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