Photographer: James Jordan
Name: Autumn Dawn

The steps speaking a ‘crisp’ december,
each time —
the sole taps on his slumber.

I live in the mid projectiles —
as those are dreams
It walks…

They halt at the vendor of pre-spring —
selling open eyes to witness colours.

I buy a pair
as those are birth
It enters…

Between ‘who’ and ‘why’
the pane glass splits into a thousand crystals


as ice cubes on an emptied glass
of whiskeyed nights.

as vivid lights on the screen
of a dressing mirror.

as dawn on my face.

I wake to see a reflected ‘you’
from romance to memories
to my ‘rebirth’.

The beeps heard of
‘Hey love! Wish you a happy valentine’

Accumulating the scattered in my hand,
pleading the Sun in my palm,
I say —

“See! your guy is wanted
That’s why I keep on saying ‘stay’.”

In comes the second beep

“I am on my way and I will…”


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